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A; Julphar Towers - Office #2308, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
P: +971 (0)7 233 6350
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Who We Are

Owned by YAS Group, YAS Consultancy are a IT & Marketing consultancy that focuses on assessing the values of the clients and creating the tools to market their products in a simple way that everyone regardless of nationality can understand.

Consisting of a small team of professionals from different parts of the world with different fields of expertise YAS Consultancy advance in spotting the pitfalls of marketing and IT solutions that, don’t quite live up the the requirements both culturally and technically.

Being able to find the weak spots in solutions, allows us simplify and streamline each and every project that comes across our table.

Our Philosophy

Noticing a market with many different regional and cultural impressions due to the vast amount of nationalities working within the country. This resulting in many mixed messages, which often are misunderstood or completely overlooked.

YAS Consultancy looks to simplify, clarify and economize through structuring the many ideals and values clients have into a singular marketable message, that enforces and enhances the perception of our clients.

Mission & Vision

To help businesses prosper financially in today’s online world in order to fulfill their goals. Secondly to create unified solutions that are streamlined, to make the prospects easily understand the key message.

To create sustainable and productive business relationships, by helping clients structure and market their values and products.